Diamond: Senior Session at Manistee Ranch

IMG_2459Diamond is an Ironwood Senior; I have had the pleasure of getting to know Diamond the past three years and wow! She is just someone who is really raw and genuine. We’ve had many conversations from friends, to family, to church and there are so many things about her that I can relate to in my youth. Diamond has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is, overcoming personal obstacles. She is a very strong young women that in a small way I have had the privilege of mentoring. She has grown in herself, confidence, and faith. Continue reading

Micah: Senior Session at Vistancia

IMG_2659Micah is a tiny but vibrant, expressive Peoria senior. I have known her for several years now as she played on Peoria’s volleyball team where I also coach. In addition to volleyball, Micah also is very passionate about softball. This lovely girl cleans up nice but is also willing to put in the work and get messy if needed! For her senior session we went out to Vistancia, where we adventured for a little grass, desert, and water. Vistancia has the perfect mixture of all three. We had a great time photographing her pictures on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Continue reading

Iman: Senior Session at Arizona Heritage Square

IMG_3020Iman is one of my Ironwood seniors. She is absolutely stunning both in person and in front of the camera. Man wanted a natural cityscape for her senior pictures, so we met in downtown phoenix and then got some beautiful shots in a parking structure just as the sun was setting. I found out during our session that she did some modeling previously which explains why she was such a natural in front of the camera. Her mom and dad came along for her session to support their baby…only child, in another step in declaring her almost set free. Continue reading

Breanna: Ironwood Senior Session at Vistancia

IMG_2185This was my second session with Breanna this year. Our first session took place a few months ago in Downtown Phoenix. This time we ventured out to find a little more nature related scenery. We decided on the beautiful North Peoria development, Vistancia. It was a perfect day as we went on a photography adventure, making sure not to talk to strangers or get stung by scorpion or snake. There was a lot of laughter to be had during Breanna’s session. It has been so wonderful getting to know this girl over the past 3 years. She has truly blossomed into such a strong, beautiful young women. Even at such a young age, Breanna has managed to have a true impact on other around here. She is always thinking ahead and wanting to make a difference in the world. Getting to know this young lady of the past 3 years, has probably affected me in more ways than one. Her life, heart, willingness to overcome…her light, drive, and passion has inspired me on a daily basis to want to be and do better. I’m not going to lie, I got a little a teary-eyed editing this session because we’ve developed such a close relationship. Next year, Breanna plans on attending ASU where she intends to be a Pre-Law major and study Social Work. This girl has a heart of gold!! I can’t wait to see what she does in her future, she will accomplish so much and be so successful!! Congratulations Breanna!

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Kamryn Senior Session: Downtown Glendale

IMG_2047   IMG_20361

It was such a beautiful Saturday evening to go out and photograph Kamryn for her senior pictures. After a few re-schedules we managed to meet up for a fun session in Downtown Glendale. An area which I am beginning to appreciate more for all of its age and genuine charm. We had some beautiful light and I found a few new places to photograph at. Kamryn is stunning, and while she thought she was awkward in front of the camera; she was truly a natural. Kamryn plans to head up north next fall to NAU. She is a part of a wonderful family and it was an honor to take her pictures. I know that whatever she does she will be super successful! Congratulations Kamryn! Continue reading

Class of 2015: Nevada Senior Session

IMG_1300IMG_1430Nevada is one of my Ironwood seniors; he is involved in several different clubs on campus, a student in the IB program, and a member of the Boys Volleyball team. He has worked really hard the last 4 years to make this the best experience possible! After graduation he plans on attending a 4 year university, he is unsure of what he wants to study…possibly thinking something in the math/science related field. We went outduring our winter break to take his senior pictures; it was a chilly evening but I got to let Nevada and his mom see what is Vistancia. Nevada is such a happy kid, super sweet, that big smile in most of his pictures is a true reflection of his personality; however we were able to get him to do a “serious” face for a few shots. Those images I think he looks very insightful, very model-esque! I am excited for the next phase of Nevada’s life. I know that he will go very far and be incredibly successful in whatever he does! Continue reading

Jacqueline 2015 Senior Session

Storyboard 2The end of 2014 was full of senior sessions for me. Which of course I am not complaning about, winter time is the best time for pictures in Arizona (Not melting in the sun) !! Jacqueling, Class of 2015! I am so glad that I got to take her senior pictures. As a photographer I feel that I grow with each session that I do. Sometimes there are stumbles along the way, but I am very critical of myself. I want to produce good work, especially for people who are paying me for it. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE her session!! We got to hang out, laugh, channel the inner victoria secret model, and go exploring!This girl holds a special place in my heart. I have gotten to know her over the last two years while working and she is awesome! We have had many long chats about life, relationships, the future. Shared a lot of moments. I have seen her grow up so much in just the last year. Daily we talk about this next chapter… where she is going to school, what she will be studying. With just a few months left of her high school career, I am genuinely excited for this beauty to close this chapter and start writing the next. I know that she is going to do great, amazing things! From time to time she can suffer from the traditional senioritis, but she is determined to have a wonderful successful life! Congratulations Jacqueline!

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Sim and Keely Best Friend Senior Session

IMG_1143Sim and Keely are both seniors at Ironwood High School, Class of 2015. Sim (dark hair) really wanted to do a senior session with me but felt that she would be too awkward in front of the camera, so she convinced her BFF to come along and do more of a best friend session. The first time I met up with the girls was at Vistancia, with the race against the clock for lighting. The girls received a little miscommunication from their GPS and got lost. By the time we had found each other there was only a few minutes left of sunlight. We ending up getting together a second time at Rio Vista to do a make up session. Both of the girls are beauitful and toal hams in front of the camera (when they are together)! Their blog has a combination of sessions from Vistancia and Rio Vista. Some of the light that I received with them was awesome! These girls spend so much time together, I am really happy that I got to hang out with them not once, but twice to capture how much their senior year means to each other and how good of friends they truly are. There are only a few more months left with the 2015 class, and I am excited to see how the rest of their plays out. I hope that it is everything they want it to be! Congratulations girls!

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The Jones Family

IMG_0653Meet the Jones family. I have the pleasure of working with Alisa and she is such a sweet person. Her family is absolutely beautiful and her husband was hilarious!!! We did her session at Thunderbird Mountain right after our fall break. It was funny because after our wonderful week off from school I had received a text message from her. I was in the middle of arts and crafts for Christmas and thought it was strange that she was texting me; however I gasped when I remember that I had a session with her and that it was in 20 minutes. Boy was I flying around my house to get everything ready. Regardless of my frantic-ness they were dressed to impressed, the boys were ready to smile, and the light was beautiful. I was shocked to hear that the last time her and her husband had pictures taken of them was back when they had gotten married. Holy Cow!!! Hopefully they enjoyed their pictures and will continue to get pictures taken to showcase how beautiful their family is and their growing boys! 

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Brittany & Tim Family + Surprise Engagement


I work with Brittany and I was so thrilled that she asked me to take her family pictures for the holidays. She is seriously one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I was even more thrilled when her boyfriend sent me a text a few days before our schedule session to tell me that during the session he was going to propose to her. This is my second surprise engagement that I have been a part of and I feel so honored to be included in such a special and intimate moment. This was definitely a session!! We dealt with sunshine, squirmy kiddos, and a nervous but excited bride and groom to be. There was a bit of a photo mishap so they had the unfortunate pleasure of going out on a second shoot with me. Between both session I love how the pictures came out. I am so excited for their upcoming nuptials and the love of this blended family!!

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